Google Drive

The most appreciated features of Google Drive/Docs.
  • An entire suite of online applications that include Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing, and Forms.
  • Anytime, anywhere access - Google Docs are ‘cloud’ based.  As long as you have access to the Internet via any device you can access them.
  • Autosave - Your docs are automatically saved almost instantly!
  • Revision History -View and go back to any prior version
  • Sharing - Share your files and folders with others.  Everyone has the most current version at the same time.  Stop ‘emailing’ attachments!
  • Collaboration - Up to 50 people can edit a single Google Doc at the same time?
Templates - there are hundreds of templates available for a variety of uses for schools and business.

Fall CUE

Adding Pizzazz to Your Google Site



    • Look at the many uses of Google sites for teachers and students including classroom sites, portfolios and project sites. 
    • Learn the basics of creating Google sites to communicate and collaborate.
  • Create a multi-page site complete with images, movies, calendar, documents, and links using Google's simple tools.

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Sites - What's Possible

View sample portfolios, teacher sites, project sites

Creating a Google Site

    • Create a new site
    • Introduce edit, create, and More Action page tools
    • Create an announcements page
    • Create a file cabinet page
    • Insert documents, movies, maps, photos, and other gadgets

  • Integrating with Sites

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Google Domain Information

Google Drive

Creating Sites for Teachers

Site Samples

Teacher Site Create a site to  communicate with parents, students, or create a project site. 

Jim Sill also has a great teacher site

Student Portfolio Have students create a site to post their work, reflections, gather information, upload video, share ideas.

Department Site Create a central site for department or organization announcements, activities, post documents and forms.

Class Project  Create a site to manage a project from start to finish, posting goals, rubrics, resources and final student projects.

Club Site Create a site for your club and share news and information

Lesson Ideas

Gone Google Cheryl Davis is a Google Certified Teacher at nearby
Acalanes Union High School District - Miramonte High School. She has been developing great lessons using Google Apps for many years.

Lesson Plans  Easily incorporate Google Apps into your curriculum with these classroom-ready lesson plans. For more Google Apps educational resources, including video tutorials, discussion forum, community map, and news, visit the Google Apps Education Community site.

Google for Educators  From search games to presentations on how to use Docs & Spreadsheets with your students, here you can find real-world examples of innovative ways that teachers and librarians are using Google tools to help students learn. In coming months, we'll be posting many more of these examples, so be sure to check this page frequently. And please visit the Google for Educators Discussion Group to share your own examples.

Google Apps Overview