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This is the perfect solution for a many different uses. Anytime you need to collect data and sent out a personal confirmation, a certificate of completion, rubrics, test results, teacher observations, any time you need to automate a document work flow. The scrip is easy to use and can be found in the script gallery. For more information see Andrew Stillman's video (Andrew is the creator of the script) or Krista Moroder's great step by step instructions. Thank you to David Malone who allowed me to adapt his AutoCrat presentation.

STEP 1:  Create a new folder in your Google Drive for all your AutoCrat documents.
STEP 2:  Create the Google Doc template that you will use in the data merge
STEP 3:  Create a Spreadsheet Form to collect you data
STEP 4:  Find AutoCrat in the Add-ons menu of your spreadsheet
STEP 5:  Follow the directions in the script 

Here's what you will see in your Drive

In this YouTube tutorial, Joe Taylor does a nice job of showing how you can use this script with a student assessment. You might even consider adding a column to the spreadsheet for a teacher comment.