Doctopus +Goobric

Notes from Andrew Stillman at YouPD

Install doctopus from any Google Spreadsheet, though preferably one that you can use as a one-time roster for tracking a particular project with a particular group of students.

Install from the Script Gallery...accessible from the "Tools" menu in a Google Spreadsheet.

Currently, Doctopus is in the "featured" section of the gallery! 

If you are unable to locate Doctopus in the script gallery, copy the spreadsheet linked (File->Make copy) below and it will already be installed on your copy.

Some things have changed since the first release of Doctopus:

  1. It now has a "Individual - Differentiated" option which allows individual assignments to be distributed by student "level."
  2. It now allows whole class comment ability to be added to facilitate peer review.
  3. It lets you distribute folders full of resources in addition to Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Drawings.
  4. As of Doctopus 4.0 it now connects to a Chrome extension called "Goobric" which lets you associate a rubric with your Doctopus assignment and do rubric-based grading right in the top corner of your browser.

Doctopus by jay Atwood

Goobric by Jay Atwood