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Google Book Search

posted May 9, 2011, 2:00 PM by Anna Massi

Google Book Search allows you to search the full text of Google's large and growing index of books, from popular titles to old, out-of-print and public domain volumes, to find pages that include your search terms. Once you find a given book, you can browse available pages, search further in that book, find online reviews, and learn where to buy the book or check it out of a nearby library, and in some cases, even read the entire title online. 

Google Book Search can enhance your lesson plans in all kinds of ways, by enabling you to search for, and helping you locate, countless volumes you might not have been able to find any other way. Book Search finds can enhance everything from your bibliographies to your lesson plans; you and your students can access the full text of out-of-copyright books and search the full text of most other books to find the right volumes for any given assignment, project, or lesson.

Google Book Search will also enhance your students’ research by allowing them to access information from thousands of books with one quick search. Students can access and read the full text of out-of-copyright books, learn where to locate hard-to-find volumes in libraries or bookstores, and easily create more thorough bibliographies. 

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